Our work is based on the philosophy that while we cannot invest in every entrepreneur we meet, we can provide assistance to every one of them

Invest Detroit Ventures is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem with capital, on-going mentorship, and community engagement. We implement targeted venture development programs to help build and promote scalable businesses in the region. Our team is committed to growing a robust tech community in Detroit and throughout Michigan. We are collectively focused on implementing an investment strategy that is inclusive and supportive of minority, immigrant, and women entrepreneurs.


We recognize that our entrepreneurial climate is not going to change on its own

Invest Detroit Ventures invests in women and minorities at 4x the national average. 
We don’t invest in diversity because we have to, we invest because we see great opportunity in entrepreneurs that don’t fit the traditional molds. Detroit has the momentum to fulfill its promise of being a high-growth tech hub. Our goal is to connect local talent with the influx of exceptional people attracted to our city to create a start-up community unlike any other.


Growing a start-up ecosystem is a slice of a much larger vision supported by Invest Detroit

Invest Detroit is a nonprofit lender, investor, and partner that supports business and real estate projects that will ignite economic growth. Our goal is to increase density and job opportunities in a way that is strategic and inclusive.


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